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White Jordan Almonds (Matte) White Jordan Almonds (Matte)

Most popular

Price: $55.00

Italian Communion Favor Italian Communion Favor

'La mia Prima Santa Comunione'

Price: $6.00
Portofino Ribbon Flower Portofino Sparkle Jordan Almond Favor

Star-shaped with sparkle

Price: $5.00

Two-Piece Giftbox Favor with Rose Classic GiftBox Favor with Rose

Sturdy two piece favor box with almonds inside

Price: $5.50

Butterfly Sparkle Confetti Flower Butterfly Sparkle Confetti Flower

Glittering wings and confetti candy

Price: $4.00
Satin Communion Favor Pouch with IHS Symbol and Personalization White Satin IHS Symbol Pouch

Features Golden IHS symbol

Price: $4.00
Rosary Ribbon Flower Favor Rosary Ribbon Flower Favor

Verona Flower Favor with Cold Porcelain Rosary

Price: $7.00
First Holy Communion Favor with Callas and Wheat Callas on Wheat Communion Favor

Symbolic of the bread of life

Price: $6.00

First Holy Communion Favor Pouch in Satin with Chalice Pin and Personalization Chalice Pin Communion Pouch

Features Shiny Communion Chalice Pin

Price: $4.00
Silver Rosary Sorrento Flower Silver Rosary Sorrento Flower

A silver and pearl rosary dangles from heart-cut petals

Price: $6.00

Italian Envelope Box Favor with Jordan Almonds Italian Envelope Favor Box

Open to find 5 sugared almonds

Price: $3.50
Italian Envelope Box Deluxe Italian Envelope Favor Box Deluxe

Open to find 5 sugared almonds

Price: $4.00
Aurelia Ribbon Flower with 5 Jordan Almonds Aurelia Ribbon Flower with 5 Jordan Almonds

Rose on Linen Leaf

Price: $6.00
Chianti Communion Favor with Wheat Chianti Communion Favor with Wheat

Represents wine, bread and Communion chalice.

Price: $5.00
Chianti Ribbon Flower Chianti Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Grape cluster

Price: $6.50
Stella Confetti Grapes Stella Confetti Grape Package Tie-On

Wine bottle confetti favor

Price: $4.50
Italian Lace Favor Pouch with Jordan Almonds Italian Lace Favor Pouch

Elegant Italian lace accented pouch with sugared almonds and 5 almonds tradition card.

Price: $6.00
Italian Drawstring Favor Pouch with Jordan Almonds Italian Drawstring Favor Pouch

Four stylish colors

Price: $3.50
Calla Lily Favor Pouch with Jordan Almonds Calla Lily Pouch

Calla Lily favor pouch with sugared almonds

Price: $5.00
Pearl-Sequin Pouch Favor with Cross Sequin-Pearl Favor Pouch with Cross

Communion pearl and sequined pouch with cross

Price: $6.00
First Holy Communion Favors

Authentic Italian favors incorporating Jordan almonds or confetti chocolates, designed to be a remembrance of the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Confetti Flowers offers Communion favors in themes of pure white – for purity, innocence and virtue. Metallic gold or silver is often an accent color, to symbolize preciousness, majesty, joy and the presence of God.

Every favor can be personalized with the Communicant's name and event date, and will be a keepsake for your guests.