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Confetti Flowers & Favors

Beautiful favors crafted with Italian sugared almonds and chocolates are our specialty! Since Roman times, it is traditional to offer your guess a sweet souvenir at weddings. Confetti Flowers gives you new ways to present them. Choose flowers made with sugared almonds in the petals to complement your dress or decor. Every design can be customized and personalized to your event. Also popular for First Communion, showers and birthdays. Give your guests a thank-you that is also a lasting keepsake of your happy occasion!

Italian sugared almonds and chocolate.

Confection from Italy

Imported Italian sugared almonds & chocolate dragees.

Sofia Rose with almonds

Flowers made with Candy

Flowers crafted with traditional sugared almonds or chocolates.

Lucca Confetti Flower

Ribbon Favors with Candy

Favors incorporating sugared almonds and personalization.

Shop by Occasion

Weddings & Bridal Shower
Choose romantic designs that feature lace, sparkles or floral colors that complement venue decor.

First Holy Communion
Satin ribbon flowers, pouches and favor boxes with religious them.

Silver and gold elegant touches for keepsakes.

Baby Shower & Birthdays
Designs both classic and cute to mark an important day.

Do It yourself

Create your own favors with our unique supplies, many imported from Italy. You can decorate boxes, ribbon flowers and your own almond holders.

Favor Cake Displays
Ribbon Flower Rolls
Racchetta Branches
Tradition Cards

Confetti Maxtris Classic Chocolate Almond Confetti Florentina Favor Box
Price: $33.00

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Price: $1.00

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"Ciocomandorla Classico" Italian Confetti by Confetti Maxtris Florentina Jordan Almond Favor Box
Delicious chocolate almonds in a thin candy shell.
Elena Daisy Confetti Flower Classic GiftBox Favor with Rose
Price: $8.75

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Price: $5.50

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Elena Gerbera Daisy Flower Favor Two-Piece Giftbox Favor with Rose
Gerbera Confetti Daisy
Italian Avola Sugared Almonds Ladybug Margherita Confetti Flower
Price: $60.00

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Price: $4.50

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Sicilian Avola Sugared Almonds from Confetti Maxtris Ladybug Margherita

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