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About Confetti Flowers Italian Jordan Almonds candy and chocolates:

Authentic Italian favors are made with the traditional Jordan almonds, also called confetti almonds. "Confetti" is Italian for "confection." Confetti almonds represent the bitter and sweet of married life. Our Italian confetti almonds come directly from Sulmona, Italy. Some of the almonds are of Sicilian Avola variety. The candy is given out in odd numbers, in threes or most often, in fives. Three represent bride, groom and future child. The five almonds are for five wishes for health, happiness, fertility, prosperity and long life.In the bulk Jordan Almonds section, you will find sugared almonds made by a longtime New York confectionary firm, which uses the finest Nonpareil California almonds and the thinnest shell to make the popular New York Superfine almonds. (Superfine sugared almonds contain less sugar than the ExtraFine variety.)