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Confetti candy from Italy
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Imported Italian Almonds from Sulmona Italian Sugared Almonds

Premium, from Italy

Price: $55.00

Orange Italian Almond Confetti by Confetti Maxtris Orange-Flavored Italian Almonds

Orange-flavored almond dragees

Price: $28.00
Maxtris Cassata Siciliana Sicilian Cassata-Flavored Italian Almond

Echo of the classic Italian sweet dessert

Price: $28.00
Pistachio Italian Almond Confetti by Confetti Maxtris Pistachio-Flavored Italian Almonds

Delicate and subtle nutty flavor.

Price: $28.00
Babà con Panna Italian Almond Confetti by Confetti Maxtris Babà With Cream Italian Almonds

Think Italian pastry with cream

Price: $28.00
Cuori Dell'Amore Wedding Chocolate Heart Dragees by Confetti Maxtris Heart Shaped Chocolates

Sweet hearts from Italy

Price: $42.00
Italian Avola Sugared Almonds Italian Avola Sugared Almonds

Avola Pensiero D'Amore

Price: $55.00

"Two Milk Limoncello" Italian Confetti by Confetti Maxtris Limoncello-Flavored Italian Chocolates

The famous southern Italian lemon liqueur.

Price: $28.00
Two Milk Bacio by Confetti Maxtris 'Bacio'-Flavored Chocolates

Exceptional chocolate dragees from Italy

Price: $28.00
'Mix Pasticceria' Italian Pastry-Flavored Almond Confetti Candy by Confetti Maxtris Mixed Pasticceria Italian Almond Candy

Italian Pastry-flavored almond dragees

Price: $28.00
Two Milk Strawberry and Cream Italian Dragees by Confetti Maxtris of Italy Strawberry-Cream-Flavored Chocolate Dragees

Strawberry-and-cream Italian dragees

Price: $28.00
Two Milk Cremino Chocolate Italian Dragees by Confetti Maxtris of Italy Cremino Chocolate Dragees

Cremino chocolate Italian dragees

Price: $28.00
Dolce Sposa Sugared Almonds Dolce Sposa Sugared Almonds

Italian-style Spanish almond confetti

Price: $28.00
La Confiserie Sugared Almonds La Confiserie Sugared Almonds

From a 1900s recipe

Price: $28.00
Italian Wedding Ring Chocolate Dragees Italian Wedding Rings Chocolate Dragees

Unbreakable love

Price: $1.20