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Cilento Autumn Leaf Ribbon Flower Cilento Autumn Leaf

Autumn maple leaf

Price: $5.75
On Sale: $5.50
You Save: $0.25
Padua Ribbon Flower Padua Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Delicate leaf

Price: $5.00

Portofino Ribbon Flower Portofino Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Star-shaped with sparkle

Price: $5.00

Rosa Rose Confetti Flower Rosa Rose Confetti Flower

Satin rose with 3 Italian candies inside.

Price: $6.70
Two-Piece Giftbox Favor with Rose Classic GiftBox Favor with Rose

Sturdy two piece favor box with almonds inside

Price: $5.00

Rose Flower Favors

Cold Porcelain Roses on Satin

Price: $6.00
Perla Rose Confetti Flower Perla Rose Confetti Flower

Sain rosette atop 5 Italian candies.

Price: $6.35
Florenza Orange Blossom Confetti Flower Florenza Orange Blossom Flower

Soft petals with 5 confetti in the folds.

Price: $7.00
Lia Calla Lily Confetti Flower Favor with Wheat Lia Calla Lily Confetti Flower with Wheat

Satin calla and wheat with 1 confetto

Price: $6.00
Italian Envelope Box Favor with Jordan Almonds Italian Envelope Favor Box

Open to find 5 sugared almonds

Price: $3.50
Alessandra Rose Confetti Flower Alessandra Rose Confetti Flower

Satin rosette and tulle spray with 5 confetti.

Price: $6.35
Portofino-Lace Ribbon Flower Portofino-Lace Jordan Almond Flower

Star-shaped flower on lace

Price: $7.00

Ninfa Ribbon Flower Ninfa Jordan Almond Flower Confetti Flower

Richly adorned with floral cut-out design

Price: $5.50
Satin Communion Favor Pouch with IHS Symbol and Personalization White Satin Pouch With Pastel Ribbon

Features Golden IHS symbol

Price: $3.00
Giorgia Magnolia Confetti Flower Favor Giorgia Magnolia Confetti Flower

White flowers with inner color accent

Price: $4.75
Biella Ribbon Flower Biella Jordan Almond Flower Favor

10-petal leaf

Price: $5.00
Chianti Ribbon Flower Chianti Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Grape cluster

Price: $6.50
Genova Ribbon Flower Genova Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Rose-etched, swirling cut

Price: $5.50
Lucca Ribbon Flower Lucca Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Diamond-cut border

Price: $5.50
Matera Ribbon Flower Matera Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Natural style

Price: $5.50
Modena Ribbon Flower Modena Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Lacy, curved edges

Price: $5.00
Roma Ribbon Flower Roma Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Sparkling golden star

Price: $4.25
Trentino Autumn Leaf Ribbon Flower Trentino Autumn Leaf Favors

Autumn oak leaf

Price: $5.50
On Sale: $5.25
You Save: $0.25

Milano Ribbon Flower Milano Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Looped design

Price: $6.75
Aurelia Ribbon Flower with 5 Jordan Almonds Aurelia Ribbon Flower with Rosette

Leaf shape with rosette

Price: $6.00
Florentina Jordan Almond Favor Box Florentina Favor Box

Elegant embossing

Price: $4.00
Lucca Ribbon Flower with Roses Lucca Jordan Almond Flower Favor

Diamond-cut border

Price: $5.00
Lucca Rose Confetti Flower Lucca Rose Confetti Flower Favor

Diamond-cut border

Price: $5.50
Wedding Favors

Confetti Flowers provides custom made wedding favors incorporating the Jordan almonds, an authentic time-honored tradition. Our company name is inspired by the Italian word for sugared almonds: "confetti."

For ten years, we have been providing wedding favors and bridal shower favors to families who honor their traditions at life's sweetest moments.

Our product is also known as Italian bomboniere, Greek boubouniere, and French dragees and bombonnière.